If you are thinking of having your child baptised (christened), we would be very pleased to help you arrange this.  

The pandemic has impacted on all our lives and restrictions have impacted on when baptisms can take place. Now that we are coming out of the pandemic arrangements can be made with our Vicar, Rev Jim. Please do contact him via the details below.

Rev Jim would like to come and visit the family to sort out the arrangements in their home to explain the importance of the service and provide further information.  If you would like further details, then please get in contact with Rev Jim on 01322 553421 or


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Baptism is a response to God's love - a desire and a commitment to respond to God's call to follow the example of Jesus Christ. It is also a celebration, a time to come together with family and friends; remembering that you are loved by God, are part of a wider community and have a place with God's people.