Church hall

There is a very well equipped Hall behind the church with car parking.  It is used regularly (one of the key users being The Big Local) and the options for hiring are limited.  It is possible to hire the Hall for children’s parties on a Saturday or Sunday: it is not available for hire on a Saturday evening or on Bank Holidays.

The Hall is currently available for hire during the following times: Tuesdays (9am to 1.30pm only); Saturdays (9am to 6pm only); and Sunday (1pm to 5pm only).

To find out more about booking the Hall and rental charges, please  contact our Bookings Clerk (Amy Greenwell) by emailing    [Alternatively you can leave a message for her on 07956 235327 and she will get back to you when she can].

The church hall is a perfect venue to host children's birthday parties!